Rasterwise is a no-code and easy-to-use platform that allows you to create automated screenshot workflows that can make observations on those screenshots and take actions based on the result of the observations.

Imagine an image folder that can auto-feed itself with images and take decisions based on the content of the images.

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Create Automated Screenshot Workflows In Minutes


Create a Smart Folder

Smart Folders are like any application folder but better.

Imagine a simple photo album like the ones in your phone, but with extensible super powers and configurations.

Create a Job (The DO and WHEN)

Jobs are automated tasks that feed images to your Smart Folders.

Jobs can screenshot a website automatically and periodically, allowing you to build a robust visual systems of record or tracker.

Create a Watcher (The IF and THEN)

Watchers are automated tasks that look for concepts or changes in your images and take actions.

Watchers can look for words, count things, detect NSFW content and many other cool things. Watchers then can take actions such as send emails, post to webhooks, post to Slack and more.

Integrate with Other Apps

Rasterwise can be integrated with other apps to create powerful screenshot and image observation workflows.

Zapier, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Airtable and even your own integrations by using our webhook functionality.

Automate Vision and Track Anything

At its core, Rasterwise is a system of record builder that can automate vision tasks. Any use case you have for something that needs to be visually monitored and reported can be automated with Rasterwise.

Use Cases

Rasterwise can support thousands of use cases. Anything that needs to be observed and reasoned by a human can be automated with Rasterwise.

Validate Ads in Third Party Websites

Screenshot any third party page where your ads are running and watch for specific words or concepts.
Create a better attribution model by recording your media buying.

Monitor Your Product Evolution

Track your own product and understand how it changes through time. Closely monitor the quality of your e-commerce website or app.

Track Competitor Pages

Understand how the inventory or content of your competitor changes in an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Get notified when products or brands are mentioned in your competitor's website.

Monitor Social Media Accounts

Track Instagram or Twitter accounts. Screenshot every post an account and create carbon-copies of social media feeds. Never miss a deleted Tweet again.

Track SERPs

Monitor your search engine results and understand how you and your competitors are ranking in organic and paid positions.

Track Changes in Public Spreadsheets

Create almost real-time insights into disperse dashboards and spreadsheets by creating a periodic tracker that observes numbers or changes in graphs.

Create Visual Systems of Record

Create a system of record for any internet accesible website and track how those properties change through time. Create compliance programs with simplicity.

Create Simple Receipt Collection Systems

Use the dedicated email in each Smart Folder to receive financial records and convert them into actual parsable data that can be used in spreadsheets.

Design Your Use Case 🤓

Rasterwise is build in a non-prescriptive way! You can build any workflow in your imagination and will love to hear your ideas for Jobs and Watchers.

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We care about the protection of your data. Read our Privacy Policy.